Lessons, Training, and Shows

Private Lessons

In your one hour private lesson, every beginner will be taught to groom the horse as well as how to tack up with all the proper equipment. You will then have about 30-40 minutes of one-on-one instruction that ends with cooling out the horse, un-tacking, and grooming before we put your horse back in the pasture.
As students gain experience and confidence with tacking, grooming, steering, walking, trotting, and cantering, they will be eligible for our semi-private lessons.

Price: $60
(packages are available at discounted rates)

Little Tike Lessons

Our Little Tike Lessons are for children between the ages of 3 and 5. They are 45 minutes long and we teach each child one-on-one how to groom, what each item is, and how to tack up. Once we are all tacked up and ready to go, we have about 20-30 minutes of instruction before we un-tack and groom the horse to put back in the pasture.

Price: $45
(packages are available at discounted rates)

Semi Private Lessons

In your semi private lesson there will be a maximum of 3 students in each one hour lesson. Students are required to have the horse groomed and tacked up by the lesson time so we can take advantage of the full one hour session. Therefore, please allow about 20 minutes before and after for the student to groom, tack/untack, and cool out the horse.

Price: $50
(packages are available at discounted rates)


Training sessions are for your own personal horse. They are 45 minutes to an hour of professional training. We work with young horses, ex-race horses, problem horses, yearlings, etc.

Horses on premises: $60
(packages available at discounted rates)

Horse Shows

We travel to shows all over the East Coast. Some shows we go to but are not limited to:
* Baymar Farms
* Monmouth County Show Series
* Woodedge at NJ Horse Park
* Spotted Toad


Trailering: $100 ( within 1 hour of farm)
Training: $80
Braiding: $100
Registration: Paid to organization